Disclosure Institute DVDs/Fliers

Below is a compilation of materials that have been used in Meetup group settings to train members in a variety of UFO related subjects.

In the future we hope to partner with content producers for permission to share even more content in the form of free DVD ISO images for activists. Contact us using this form.

We will not be selling any DVDs.

Read first: How to download DVDs

If you are not already familiar with BitTorrent or have a BitTorrent program, you should read this guide and download/install a program to your computer like qBittorent.

Because BitTorrent works in a decentralized way, we can share large files without great cost and the files should remain available even if all our servers go down.

DVD Image (ISO) Downloads

Disclosure Project 2 Hr Testimony
Purchase this DVD at the Sirius Disclosure Store before downloading.
Download DVD image: DisclosureProject2hr.ISO.torrent

Full Disclosure Overview (Version 3.0)
This DVD includes Disclosure testimonies, consciousness science research, and some 9/11 truth information as a semi-complete wake up package. If you only give out one DVD to people this might be the best.
Download DVD image: FULL_DISCLOSURE_V3.iso.torrent

Consciousness Scientists Compilation
Emoto rice experiment replications, Russel Targ, Hal Puthoff, Dean Radin, Robert Jahn, Brenda Dunne, and Rupert Sheldrake.
Download DVD image: CONSCIOUSNESS_SCIENTISTS.iso.torrent

Thrive + Above Majestic (Documentaries)
Purchase the Thrive DVD at the Thrive Movement Store before downloading.
Download DVD image: Thrive_Above_Majestic.iso.torrent

Corey Goode SSP Testimony Overview
Purchase a Gaia subscription for further testimony, sign up using https://www.gaia.com/coreygoode
Download DVD image: COREYGOODE1.iso.torrent

William Tompkins & Robert Wood Sr. (Disclosure Testimony)
Download DVD image: tompkins_wood.iso.torrent

Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America
Purchase this DVD on Amazon (official store was taken down)
Download DVD image: TUNING_IN.ISO.torrent

Law of One Overview Presentations
Download DVD image: law_of_one_presentations.iso.torrent

Pete Peterson & Benjamin Fulford testimonies
Download DVD image: CAMELOT_PETERSON_FULFORD.iso.torrent

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – Super Condensed DVD Version
Purchase whole set at CHD Vimeo On Demand before downloading. I’ll remove this “before downloading” statement once I can talk to someone about this, there is certainly a lot of this already up on YouTube.
Download DVD image: CITIZEN_HEARING_DAY1.iso.torrent
Download DVD image: CITIZEN_HEARING_DAY2.iso.torrent
Download DVD image: CITIZEN_HEARING_DAY3.iso.torrent
Download DVD image: CITIZEN_HEARING_DAY4.iso.torrent
Download DVD image: CITIZEN_HEARING_DAY5.iso.torrent

Free Energy Inventors & Science Video
Download DVD image: FreeEnergyOverview.iso.torrent

Download DVD image: unidentified.iso.torrent

UFOs & Nuclear Weapons Connection Testimonies
Download DVD image: ufos_and_nukes.iso.torrent

Flier Examples

Two page flier example

Four page flier example

Schriever AFB Press Release example

AATIP Related Documents

The Telegraph report about AATIP and Elizondo (2 pages)

DoD Summary about Nimitz Incidents (AATIP connected) (1 page)

Sendator Harry Reid’s letter to the DoD about AATIP (3 pages)

Note on Copyright
Regarding copyrighted content, it is the goal of this nonprofit effort to continue to gain permission from copyright holders of high quality disclosure related videos for permission to distribute free DVD ISO formats of those videos. This makes the content easy for the public to distribute DVDs among friends and family but difficult for them to “rip” back into a video format such as could be uploaded to YouTube or any other online format. In general, we find this to be the attitude of almost all content creators, that sharing with friends and family is highly encouraged, while online distribution with the potential for re-upload to YouTube (with spammy ads) is correspondingly discouraged. No materials will be sold through this site, and no donations will be requested for this effort either, as we only encourage people to support the original creators through purchasing copies of the original published content wherever possible. Contact us with any inquiries here.